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Back to School – Teacher Edition

As much as it pains my heart to be writing this, I know it’s important to plan ahead, because we all know once school starts, free time gets to be very limited!

I’m a high school math teacher. I like to look as professional as possible because I look young and I’m super short! We do have a teacher dress code, which is mostly butt covered and no shoulders showing.

So let’s get right down to it!

Up first:

1. New Horizon’s Cascade Top – LINK

I like this top because the flounce makes it dressy. I made the left one with a lace overlay in the center. I plan to wear this one with dress pants. I modified the pattern just a little bit by shortening the sleeve length. I usually get cold in my classroom, so I like 3/4 sleeves. The right one was with the cap sleeve.

2. True Beauty by Ellie and Mac – LINK

I love this pattern! It’s an off the shoulder dress with a lot of length options. But I simply pulled it up over my shoulders! I like maxi dresses for school because I don’t want to worry about accidentally flashing kids, lol.


3. Ellie and Mac Sharkbite Top – LINK

I like this one because it’s long. I went with short sleeves, because of the no shoulder policy.


4. Pattern for Pirates Sweetheart Dress – LINK

I love this dress! It’s a circle skirt, so it twirls 🙂 For the mint green one, I simply put on a cardigan and then I’m good to go! My kids LOVED my Wheel of Fortune Dress.

5. Ellie and Mac’s I Love the 90’s Dress – LINK

Can you tell how much I love dresses! I’ll probably wear leggings with this one 🙂


6. Pickled Toe Pattern’s Bread and Butter Top – Link to Blog Post

I wrote a blog post on this one last summer. I used a lace overlay on the bodice and lace for the sleeves. The band really helps with this one because it stays in place!

7. Annelaine Pattern’s Tamara Top and Dress – SHOP LINK

This is a fun top! I love the back part. The strap helps keep it in place. It’s not too revealing, so it’s a great top or dress!

8. CKC Kimber Dress – LINK

This was from my early days of sewing. I really like this dress because it is flattering! I use the baby doll bodice for all of them. It’s a circle skirt, so it has the twirl. I wear mine with leggings.

9. Halla Carefree Dress – LINK

I put on a cardigan with this one and it’s perfect for school. I LOVE maxis 🙂

10. George and Ginger Super Sleeve Top – LINK

This top comes with 9 sleeve options! This is the only one I’ve tried so far and I love it! I didn’t shortened the pattern because I like my tops longer


11. George and Ginger Swagger Sweater – LINK

This is a great top! I kept the length and it has good butt coverage! I went with the short sleeve version.


12. My Golden Thimble’s Dahlia Dress – LINK

So I’m from KY and I teach in Big Orange UT territory. I get crap for being a UK fan, so I like being able to covertly support my team! I really like this dress and the seams help hide my mommy tummy!


13. Ellie and Mac’s Going Home Sweater – LINK

This is my FAVORITE fall outfit! Butt coverage is perfect for school!


14. CKC’s Sydney Raglan – LINK

This one is all about the fabric! I got this on sale from Hobby Lobby during the Christmas season. AND I went slow and didn’t break a single needle 🙂 This one has great butt coverage!

15. CKC’s Esthers – LINK

Another great dress!


16. Ellie and Mac’s 24/7 Top – LINK

This is my latest sew! And again, GREAT butt coverage! This top releases Monday night and I will update with a link then 🙂

That it! And that’s just the ones I have sewn! I hope you find something you can use for back to school!

Now, for the best part!!! I have some store credit to Ellie and Mac that I want to give away to a fellow teacher! Simply comment below with what you teach or the grade level and which of the above mentioned patterns you think you’ll sew up for the school year or have already sewn up for school! This is for a $5 store credit. Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

Note: Some of the above links contain affiliate links. I only recommend patterns that I love 😀


I am a mom and high school math teacher. I sew in my free time. Follow my blog to see what I'm up to! Follow me on instagram: Carlonsembroidery

12 thoughts on “Back to School – Teacher Edition

  1. Thanks for the ideas! I teach art (grades 1-12, new job this year!) and I’m thinking I’d like to try the new Ellie and Mac top! I also have plans for a Halla Bliss instead of a Carefree.

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  2. I’m a high school math teacher too!!!

    I haven’t thought about bts sewing yet (I’m still in need of summer clothes!!) but I definitely want to do some cascades and love your sweetheart dresses! The wheel one is beyond awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a year 7-12 Maths teacher in Australia! I teach at a mainstream high school, but do 1 day a fortnight at a school attached to a juvenile justice center.

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  4. Hello!
    First of all, I want to say I saw your TrueBeauty maxi dress on the release day of the pattern, and I was immediatly sold! ^_^
    I am a french primary school teacher, and I teach all subto disabled children in a special section called “ULIS” (i.e. Local Unit for Inclusive School).

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