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“For it is in giving that we receive” -St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis was a wise man. I absolute love his Peace Prayer and it’s one of my favorite songs to sing at church.  He says in his prayer, “For it is in giving that we receive“. So I want to do that; Give of myself for a friend.

I have decided to give one of my friends a pair of the Portlander Pants (comfy, soft pants, see previous blog post!).  They will be made to her specific size and height.  I love these pants and I want to pass them on.  Is there a catch? No, but all I ask is that I get a photo of you in them to share 🙂

So how will I decide on which friend?? That would be too hard. However, I know someone who has an innocent heart of gold and I’m going to let him pick (with no names or identifying parts read).  All you have to is comment on this post and let me know why you (or someone you know) deserve them.  Simple, right? I’ll announce a winner on my Facebook page on Wednesday evening.  To leave a comment, scroll down to where it says “leave a reply”

Comments must be made by 5pm EST on Wednesday.

Here are the 2 fabric options I have. The left is French Terry and the right is Double Brushed Poly.  Winner gets to pick! I can’t wait to make them for someone!



I am a mom and high school math teacher. I sew in my free time. Follow my blog to see what I'm up to! Follow me on instagram: Carlonsembroidery

9 thoughts on ““For it is in giving that we receive” -St. Francis of Assisi

  1. Tamara Scull. I’d love a pair of these!!!! Right now most of my clothes don’t fit due to some serious weight gain after starting my targeted chemotherapy medicine :/ it’d be awesome to have something stylish and comfy!


  2. Hey Lady! I am loving this blog already and can’t wait to see more! I would love a pair of these beautiful pants for various reasons but I have to say it’s because it has been a long time since I’ve felt truly pretty. It’s really hard to feel comfortable when everything in my size is not very cute. Just want to feel pretty and dainty! Looking forward to reading your blog and making clothes for myself and my sweet boys!


  3. Carlon, I don’t want a pair of pants. I just stopped by to tell you that I love you, dear friend. I’m so glad we’re been friends for over 25 years! Yikes. Miss you!


  4. I want a pair! Who could turn down a free pair of comfy pants! As far as someone deserving, Kelsi could probably use a pair. Being pregnant is rough and anyone whose ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable it can be.


  5. I would love a pair of these pants because they are made by you!! I think it would be neat to have a pair of pants that are made by someone that loves sewing as much as I do!! I wish you good luck with your blog! I enjoyed reading it. I sew mostly children’s clothing and never really sew for myself. I’m hoping your blog inspires me to “sew for me” PS these pants look so comfy!!!


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