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What I’m working on 6/10/17

Yesterday I was in a sewing mood! I have had these fabrics for awhile and I finally decided to use them.  Item #1 is really cool fabric. It’s called Color Me Fabric.  It comes blank, you sew up, you color, let dry for 24 hours, then you are set! My daughter can’t wait to color her skirt after she gets done with her nap today! I didn’t use a complete pattern from this project. I got the band measurement from a pattern I own, then cut the width of the fabric and the length from another pattern I own. This was a first for me because I used a knit band, but woven for the bottom skirt. My daughter loves it and that’s all that matters!


Next item was a dress pattern that I have owned for awhile. It’s called Samantha’s Knotted Dress and it’s from Create Kids Couture. The fabric I decided to use is special.  It’s designer fabric from Michael Miller’s Glitz Collection.  I’ve had it for a few years, but been too afraid to cut into it! I changed my mind of couple of times with the combo, but I love how it turned out. This one took a few hours. We are going to a tea room tomorrow to get photos.



I am a mom and high school math teacher. I sew in my free time. Follow my blog to see what I'm up to! Follow me on instagram: Carlonsembroidery

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