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Sewing PDF

Ever wondered how I make my creations?  This blog post will hopefully explain that and maybe even get you to try sewing out for yourself!

Step 1: Find a pattern! I am in a lot of Facebook groups and this is how I find patterns I would like to sew. Patterns range from $4-20.  The pattern I will be talking about today was a bundled set for $14. It included girl’s sizes and women’s sizes.  This pattern is from a company called New Horizons and the pattern is “Portlanders”. Here is the link to purchase: New Horizon’s Designs (affiliated link)

Step 2: Once I purchase the pattern, I have to download and print it. Printing varies with patterns. Sometimes there are no pattern pieces and some companies you may have to print up to 30 pages! For this pattern, I printed about 28 pages.


Step 3: ASSEMBLY! This step takes me FOREVER!  And every pattern companies does theirs differently, so you have to pay attention! For this pattern, I take one end and match it to a line from a different page.  Then I tape them together.






Step 4: Now I have to cut out my pattern pieces.  The cool thing at PDF is I get all the sizes and then I can just print what I need!






Step 5: This is my LEAST favorite part – Cutting the fabric.  Some fabrics are easier to cut than others. Woven fabric doesn’t stretch and it’s general the easiest. Chiffon and silk are HORRIBLE! They move on you. Knit can be difficult.  I am using french terry and it is an easier knit to cut.  See the candle in my photo? Those weigh everything down so nothing moves.



img_4243Step 6: SEWING! Now I follow what the pattern says.  Most patterns show you a photo of what pieces you are sewing and where to stitch the lines. I can’t photograph that for copyright reasons, but the directions are quite easy to follow. For these pants, I sew up one side of one leg, then the other side of that leg, then repeat on second leg, then attach the waist band. Total time from print to finish is about 1 hour.



Last Step: ENJOY your work! These ended up as a mommy and me set. We both LOVE our pants!


Here is another one I made in a different type of material, Double Brushed Poly. You will find that material also used by a very prominent legging company.  It’s amazing and buttery soft!

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I am a mom and high school math teacher. I sew in my free time. Follow my blog to see what I'm up to! Follow me on instagram: Carlonsembroidery

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